Not about sex, all about an addiction!

Sex Addiction is very little to do with sex, but all to do with Addictions. People become addicted as they find a way to soothe the pain of life’s problems, conflicts, stresses, anxieties, concerns, relationship pain, losses, concerns and heartaches. Pain hurts!

The brain will do all that it must do to quench pain and re-establish harmony.  There are different parts of the brain with different functions. The brain hates pain. It loves pleasure. Neurochemicals are released and affect the brain in certain situations and extreme environments. The logical thinking side of the brain frquently gets overridden by the feeling side of the brain and causes us to go against logic, in favour of feelings; feelings drive us to mask pain with “false” intimacies.

Problem! There is always a kick back. The kick back eventually hurts us more than the feeling which we sought to quench. The temporary fix is short lived and we pay a price much higher than we had ever thought, expected or bargained for. Help is available.

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Is it all in a name, nothing in a name or truly a gender split as to which gender suffers from which of those Addiction?

Internet pornography and cybersex has got its grip in many many lives. Folks need to take individual responsibilty, but to ignore the impact of neurochemical effects on the brain to keep doing it, is remiss. Give yourself a break. Know the full picture as you self condemn and fight a battle to reduce and/or stop.

Addiction is a sign of past trauma. The function which the addiction plays needs to be uncovered if you are to regain control.

Is it that Sex Addiction and Love Addiction are about self-soothing; a way to deal with pain in our lives; perhaps anxiety reducer; a way to deal with issues unresolved from childhood – that often we have no conscious knowledge about?

Self-soothing arises because of stress, anxiety, anger, depression, relational conflicts and many others. It is a form of pain relief. But it is short lived and to remain influential (always temporariy), the acting out may need to increase in intensity.

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